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Architectural Profiles

Illumination for building design and function

With its power to accentuate a building’s design, history and purpose, architectural lighting remains an essential tool for designers and architects to craft spaces that leave an lasting impression on all who inhabit them. Beyond mere illumination, consideration for architectural lighting is often functional, focusing on improving one’s ability to live, work, relax or play- ensuring that light is optimally used and distributed. In this article we highlight architectural profile lighting options that work to strengthen the connection between people and place.



Keep reading to learn about some of our architectural products.

2Look4 is a cutting-edge series of trimless systems with a seamless design offering a variety of luminaires and integrations to provide consistent aesthetics and complete solutions for complex projects. The profiles can run across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light, emphasizing the geometry of the room and maintaining a minimalist, elegant look.  

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Clicktrack is a simple yet powerful system. The extension system spots are mounted simply by clicking them into the track, without the need for tools. The cable of the pendulum variants can be flexibly shortened or extended at any time, ensuring perfectly coordinated lighting concepts. 


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Bunga is a tubular series of LED linear lights consisting of a surface mount system and a suspension system. Bunga’s appeal lies in its minimalism: the satin finished diffuser is purist and timeless in design. It surrounds the entire fixture and creates an even pool of light, casting a fluid glow throughout the room.

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Hypro creates unique new levels of lighting structure. The unique functions and combinations make Hypro a highly comprehensive lighting solution that meet every requirement. Both general and accent lighting can be integrated into the hybrid profile at the same time. Installation options include recessed, surface mounted and suspended, and the profile can be installed in walls or ceilings, defining design lines in the building geometry. By incorporating the right inserts, you can achieve a complete glare-free solution with the special reflector designs available. 

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Idaho combines light with architecture in a distinctive way. Be it Idaho 40, 75 or 100 – all profiles are available in standard sizes or as configurable systems. The difference between the system versions lies in the profile width, making it possible to achieve a range of nuanced lighting effects. Installation options include trimless, recessed, surface-mounted and suspended. Additionally, a choice of 25+ color finish options ensure that the Idaho family fittings perfectly into any color scheme.

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Minimal Track is an innovative track lighting system. Similar to the Clicktrack, you can easily move and place inserts into Minimal Track based on your desired position. Flexible and almost invisible, with its various corner connectors and individually available curve elements, this truly playful system makes creative design easy. Plus, get creative with an architectural solution that has decorative design and touches with square and round plates as seen below. 

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Super-G translates motion into lighting design. Straight connecting pieces in various lengths, curves in different radii, corners and intersections can be combined in a limitless number of sequences. Due to its free alignment, Super-G can be optimally adjusted to any architectural dimensions or assembled to create individual shapes.

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