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Introducing Delight by Prolichtthe perfect solution for enhancing both safety and ambiance.  These lights not only illuminate pathways securely, but also infuse an exquisite and captivating elegance into the illumination of passages and staircases. With their efficient design, Delight significantly contributes to building safety by offering clear guidance through hallways and ensuring well-lit steps. This range incorporates cutting-edge Bartenbach reflector technology, precisely calibrated to enhance lighting consistency. Whether installed as narrow strips of light or small point lights, mounted to the side in the walls or directly adjoining the floor, these accent lights combine function and design with a delightful effect. 


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Beyond mere practicality, Delight offers an immersive experience. These recessed lights effortlessly establish the atmosphere in corridors, halls, and staircases. Whether configured as sleek strips of light or discrete focal points, seamlessly integrated into walls or artfully positioned at floor level, these accent lights seamlessly blend functionality with captivating design, resulting in a truly enchanting effect.

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Varied shape and color design, highefficiency LEDs and a range of fitting options make Delight a flexible choice for safety lighting with a certain flair.

The family includes recessed mounted lights in a range of variants, shapes and sizes. Round, square or rectangle, with or without a trim and can be modified in one of 25+ standard different colors to match any interior.

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The design include geometric patterns and fun arrangements, with both horizontal and vertical installations; some with the specific intention of being mounted at floor level for optimal light distribution. The aperture size starts at 1/4 and expands to about an inch with up to 290 delivered lumens, making these slit beams of light subtle, yet dynamic.

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Technical Benefits 

Uniform high-tech floorwash:  The specially developed reflector provides extremely uniform washlighting of the ground.


Beam adjustment: The two string variants come with elegant aluminum surrounds. String wide can be fitted horizontally on the wall, while the other version is designed for vertical installation. The last variant is available in two heights (150 or 250mm) with two different widths of light opening (narrow: 5mm and wide: 20mm). 


Infinity effect: The frameless variant of the two narrow lights, in installed vertically in the wall and its modest appearance pushes technology to the background. It makes wall appear lit from within. 

Get inspired by Delight

Prolicht produces a totally individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to meet your wishes and demands

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