Team Talks: New Exterior Products - Zaneen

Team Talks: New Exterior Products

A spring unveiling

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest lineup of exterior products from Zaneen, just in time to embrace the blooming season. These innovative offerings promise to transform outdoor spaces with their distinctive features and versatile mounting options, igniting inspiration for your next exterior project.


Let’s delve into the details and explore what awaits!


New Exterior-Rated Products – Embracing sustainability, we’re introducing exterior-rated versions of our beloved cord fixtures, now boasting an impressive IP66 rating. Crafted from responsibly-sourced materials, these additions infuse outdoor spaces with warmth, texture, and dimension. Explore a range of offerings that harmonize sustainability with style – BimbaDrumIllaKoraMariolaOnnaPoma,   Savina, and Tina.

Fessura: Redefining architectural illumination – Designed by acclaimed architect Claudio Silvestrin, Fessura transcends traditional architectural lighting, transforming facades into captivating works of art. Inspired by the graceful trajectory of a shooting star, this modular recessed fixture creates mesmerizing blade-like beams that delicately accentuate architectural features. With its adaptable design, Fessura offers limitless possibilities for personalized lighting compositions, merging functionality with artistic expression.

Get inspired by Fessura.

Shanghai: A timeless fusion of form and function – Drawing inspiration from the classic game of pick-up sticks, Shanghai bollards blend sleek design with practicality. Featuring adjustable fixtures that rotate up to 180°, these metal lamps offer tailored lighting solutions to suit any outdoor setting. Available in three height options, Shanghai embodies contemporary aesthetics while providing versatility to accommodate diverse spatial requirements. 

Get inspired by Shanghai.

Dot: Sophistication meets subtlety – Dot stands as a beacon of exterior elegance, offering both a portable floor lamp and a fixed post lamp option. Its hyper-minimalist design seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, allowing the surrounding environment to shine while providing essential illumination. Dot‘s true beauty lies in its invisibility; it gracefully disappears into the background, emphasizing the natural ambiance. Crafted with cutting-edge LED technology, Dot delivers a compact yet powerful light source without overshadowing its surroundings. 

Get inspired by Dot. 

Sill: Artistically illuminating windowsills – Transforming exteriors into captivating masterpieces, Sill is a groundbreaking windowsill mounted luminaire. Built to withstand the elements with its IP65 rating, Sill bathes surroundings in a soft, mesmerizing glow. Ideal for enhancing the architectural beauty of homes or commercial spaces, this innovative fixture adds a touch of sophistication while drawing attention to window frames.

Get inspired by Sill. 

Stay tuned for the launch of more cutting-edge exterior products on our website! In the meantime, browse our entire Exterior product collection.

As we welcome the spring season, we invite you to reimagine outdoor spaces with our latest exterior product lineup. From sustainability to artistic expression, each offering promises to elevate your projects with innovation and style. Embrace the possibilities and illuminate the outdoors with Zaneen!

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