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Zaneen's 40th

Celebrating a milestone anniversary

For the world, 2021 is a year full of hope, optimism and resilience. The same can be said for Zaneen. This year, we are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary in business!

"Our journey has just begun! I look back over the 40 years, and I am proud to have built a team of amazing colleagues and now, my children, all of whom have assumed leadership roles. I also want to acknowledge my wife of 40+ years, for her understanding, support and conciliatory advice. Coupled with life friendships and collaboration from our manufacturing partners in Europe, we continue to develop new strategies that will further establish Zaneen as an industry leader in North America.”

Robert Pietrobon founded Zaneen Lighting in 1981 after working alongside his father-in-law and mentor, Anthony Basso, at Anthony’s Art Design for many years. Zaneen was established as a key strategy to build an increased market presence for the brand across North America. Since then, Zaneen has expanded far beyond our initial program of decorative lighting. Today, Zaneen offers three sectors of lighting solutions – Architectural, Design and Exterior – and we’re still growing. 


Similar to a parents’ amazement at how fast their children grow, we are overwhelmed that these past 40 years have seemingly flown by. However, each year has been filled with exciting twists and turns that have led to lifelong partnerships and friendships that we are honored to have made. 


Here’s a look back at some of the highlights of our past 40 years:

Zaneen 40th anniversary timeline of milestones

It’s electrifying to look back and see all of the milestones that we’ve hit over the past 40 years. A special one being our 30th anniversary, when Zaneen proudly became a second-generation family business. 

“It is through our loyal partners, dedicated representatives and our wonderful clients that Zaneen has become a second generation company. So on behalf of my siblings and I, we thank you! With that, we promise to provide you with the same support that you have given us over the years. There is a lot to come for the future of Zaneen, get ready!"

Just two short years ago Studio Zaneen was launched, an in-house solution for project opportunities that call for a custom approach. The company was established out of a unique position of balancing our knowledge of European design and quality, with an extensive range of innovative lighting experience.

It is an inclusive process when you work with the team at Studio Zaneen. Through detailed brainstorming discussions with the designer and open communication, the outcome will be a fully customized lighting solution that perfectly suits your space. 

The production process occurs in Toronto or Europe. We can ensure quality control, proper installation regulations and North American standardization across the board. Studio Zaneen is continuing to grow as we head towards 2022, allowing for more opportunities to customize your projects.

If you have a project that could use a one-of-a-kind lighting solution, reach out to our team by contacting

The Metropolis was Studio Zaneen’s initial product launch, a modular system of single pendant tubes that can be clustered together to create a breathtaking and dynamic statement.

Over the years we have been fortunate to expand and establish ourselves as a leading European lighting solution provider for all of North America – inclusive of three categories, Architectural, Design and Exterior. 

This accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without the partnership and dedication of our established and exclusive European lighting suppliers. 

Being in business for 40 years, Zaneen has been able to grow as a company and become an even stronger group. Each member of the Z-Team contributes to the larger picture of our core value – to promise and deliver reliability in every experience had with our company. From product development to technical support, business development to communications, our product’s quality and dependability can be trusted from specification to install. 

Sketch of the Zaneen Lighting team

We would like to say thank you and acknowledge how grateful we are for your support over the past 40 years.

We are incredibly proud of where we are as a business, the partners we represent, the relationships we’ve built, and the customers we continue to serve. Thank you.

If you feel inclined, we would deeply appreciate if you would share your experience with Zaneen and leave a review on Google

Cheers to the next 40!


Talk soon,  


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