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The Best Lighting for Offices

Part 2 of 4

Lighting solutions play a considerable role in creating a balance between comfort and performance, having a direct impact on productivity and overall mood in an office environment. In order to create an ideal workplace atmosphere, there should be symmetry between natural and task lighting to increase alertness, creativity and satisfaction, while also broadening the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space. 



From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.


Keep reading to learn more about some of the best lighting solutions for office spaces in part 2 of a 4-part series. 

Introduce different colors and shapes to make an impactful impression in inspiring and creative spaces.

Glorious introduces notable sculptural and geometric ceiling lights that look like colorful, oversized icons – brilliant, digital, three-dimension symbols – to define the character, energy and mood. The Glorious profiles are adapted from the Super-G family, with the same width and light distribution. 

Intention: Customization + Large-Scale

Glorious is the family name for three geometric shape profiles: Glorious (circular), Victory (triangular) and Quantum (square). Each shape is offered in recessed, surface and suspension applications. A single product family can be duplicated throughout a room, creating design harmony and lighting quality consistency. With a look that fuses pop art and science fiction and with 29 standard color finish options to choose from, Glorious stages extraordinary spaces. 

Get inspired by Glorious.

Cylindrical minimalism and creativity establish dynamic style in communal office spaces. 

Hangover is a family of tubular suspension lights that can be selected from three different heights and diameters and 29 standard color finish options for additional versatility. With this degree of flexibility by clustering a group of pendants, one can create a uniquely designed composition tailored to your surroundings. 

Intention: Consistency

Hangover is based on modern reflector technology, where the light is effectively passed through the cone without altering the light color. The Hangover series also introduces glare control lenses, distinguishing it further as a professional optic solution. 

Get inspired by Hangover.

Create flexible environments with adjustable and configurable fixtures.

Hypro creates unique new levels of lighting structure that can be individually configurable around and across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light. 

Intention: Compositions, Flexibility + Task Lighting

Hypro is available in two versions: Hypro 40 and Hypro 40-X. The Hypro 40 profile is characterized by the low-glares modules in downlights, wallwashers and linear modules. Hypro 40-X is the newest profile system offered in suspension with indirect light. It is only 20mm higher and compatible with all existing Hypro modules. The indirect light can be controlled individually and independently of the direct lighting. Glare-free solutions allow for heightened productivity and accessibility. A linear solution like Hypro provides even light distribution throughout a shared office space like a meeting room. 

Get inspired by Hypro.

Enlighten comofortable zones with consistent and simple lighting.

With the lowest possible glare, Invader allows for human needs to take priority – focusing on the most suitable lighting to support social interaction. The series consists of trimless, recessed, surface and suspension applications. 

Intention: Consistency

A family of downlights characterized by its baffle which is available in 29 standard color finish options and designed to allow for color effects without changing the color of the light output. 

Get inspired by Invader.

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