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The Best Lighting for Offices

Part 3 of 4

Lighting solutions play a considerable role in creating a balance between comfort and performance, having a direct impact on productivity and overall mood in an office environment. In order to create an ideal workplace atmosphere, there should be symmetry between natural and task lighting to increase alertness, creativity and satisfaction, while also broadening the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space. 



From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.



Keep reading to learn more about some of the best lighting solutions for office spaces in part 3 of a 4-part series. 

Customize a fixture with unique colors to blend design into brand personality.

Magiq is a family of compact down-lights developed for flexible yet precise illumination while elminating glare. The Magiq collection has a wide range of formations, 2 cell, 4 cell, 8 cell and so on, as well as various features such as Korona cones. 

Intention: Integration, Luminance + Task Lighting

Lighting plays a key role and takes up a large portion of a space. Use that valuable real estate to personalize a fixture with brand colors to further build on the identity of the office. 

Get inspired by Magiq.

Design a dynamic lightscape that leaves a lasting impression.

Create aa dynamic and breathtaking statement with Metropolis, a modular system that can be built as a stand-alone pendant with a canopy, or configured into unique compositions suitable for your space. 

Intention: Compositions + Statement

The entrance or lobby is the first glimpse into your company. It’s in this environment where you represent your association through the space and rely on design to summarize your character. Whether it’s bold, subtle, exotic or familiar, your lighting solution will emphasize that statement. 

Get inspired by Metropolis.

Connect one space to another with dynamic linear solutions.

Never Ending is an ADA compliant profile designed as a continuous expandable system for wall installation and can be extended almost without limits. As the name suggests, with Never Ending you can create movement and define a pathway with a solution that can go on endlessly. 

Intention: Consistency + Wayfinding

The laser cut lap joint of Never Ending is made to connect two or more lengths to ensure no light leakage. The product is sleek and valuable in size, 110mm in height and 65mm in depth, as well as a range of standard-length sizes or a custom configuration. 

Get inspired by Never Ending.

Focus on the important work and let the lighting work effortlessly around you.

Oiko is a large down-light series in trimless and recessed mounting applications known for its shallow housing and expansive range of performance options. 

Intention: Consistency + Luminance

Three baffle options are available as Oiko Standard, Oiko Comfort and Oiko Wide. Oiko Standard has no baffle with the reflector running the full-length to the ceiling trim, providing optimum light ouput. Oiko Comfort and Oiko Wide use the Visual Optimization Baffle which functions to reduce glare and, with the choice of 29 standard color finish options, offers flexibility for the light effect.

Get inspired by Oiko.

Create a progressive and open atmosphere by providing flair and stimulation.

Sign is a complete family of classic architectural disks from trimless, recessed, surface mounted to suspended applications. In playing with various sizes and classic or unconventional arrangements, Sign becomes a formative architectural element ensuring comfortability. The wide range of sizes and variants in the Sign family prove their strengths in large-scale projects.

Intention: Consistency + Large-Scale 

The OneSpan office is characterized by a modern interior design with an attention to detail. Read more about this Montreal project.  

Photography credit: Stéphane Brügger.
Get inspired by Sign.

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