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Celebrating Excellence

Our President and CEO, Robert Pietrobon, Wins 'Italy-Canada' Award at Annual ICCO Award Show

We have the incredible honor of sharing that our founder, President and CEO, Robert Pietrobon, has received the well-deserved ‘Italy-Canada’ award from the Italy Chamber of Commerce of Ontario at their annual Air Canada Business Excellence Awards Show for his exceptional achievements. 


Keep reading as we shine a spotlight on his incredible journey and dive into the rich history of Zaneen.

"I am truly humbled to receive this accolade from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario. This award represents not only my achievements, but the collective efforts of everyone who has contributed to the success of Zaneen. I am proud to represent my Italian heritage in the Canadian business sector, and I will continue to bridge European manufacturing partners into the North American market.”

A Visionary Leader – At the core of every thriving organization, there’s a visionary leader who ignites inspiration and motivation in those around them. At Zaneen, that leader is Robert Pietrobon. He embodies the spirit of leadership with all his heart. Through unwavering dedication and remarkable foresight, he has propelled Zaneen to new heights, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities along the way. Under his guidance, we’ve experienced remarkable growth and innovation, solidifying our position as a leader in the lighting industry.

Zaneen’s Evolution – It’s essential to recognize the remarkable milestones that have shaped our journey thus far. 


In 1981, Zaneen was founded by Robert Pietrobon, a true entrepreneur driven by his passion for lighting. Together with his father-in-law, Anthony Basso, who remained involved until his passing in 1997, they introduced Italian lighting, renowned for its quality and craftmanship, to North America. 

At the time, Zaneen faced numerous logistical and marketing challenges, as North American consumers had yet to fully appreciate and embrace European lighting. However, Robert’s resourcefulness came into play as he identified the necessary manufacturing changes to meet CSA standards and understood which product lines held value in the market. 

Today, Zaneen offers an extensive range of innovative lighting solutions for various sectors, including academic, commercial enterprises, healthcare facilities, hospitality, national accounts, and residential installations. The company has expanded our program to include distinct divisions, Architectural, Design, Exterior and Custom, partnering with renowned manufacturers from different European countries, including Italy, Spain, Austria and Holland.

Our primary focus is to provide designers with the convenience and versatility of working with a single company for a wide range of lighting specifications. Zaneen collaborates with some of the most esteemed lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and electrical engineers across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 


As an added value partner in the supply chain, Zaneen handles final assembly, electrification, safety certification, and luminaire customization, catering specifically to the North American market’s integration and installation needs. 

Second-Generation Family Business – In a testament to its enduring legacy, Zaneen has proudly evolved into a second-generation family business. Upholding the vision and success established by Robert, all five of his children have embraced their roles within the company, carrying forward the company’s rich heritage and vision. 


With unwavering dedication, they continue to drive Zaneen’s growth and maintain its commitment to excellence. This seamless transition from one generation to the next showcases not only the family’s passion for the business but also their deep-rooted belief in the values that have shaped Zaneen’s journey. 

In addition to the dedicated Pietrobon family members, Zaneen owes much of its success and longevity to a team of highly committed individuals who now feel like family. These talented professionals bring their expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to the company’s growth and prosperity. Their contributions, alongside the Pietrobon family’s leadership, have created a harmonious blend of talent, experience, and shared goals, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. 


Together, this collective force propels Zaneen forward, ensuring its continued success as a leading company in the industry. 

As we honor Robert for his exceptional achievements and commendable leadership, we reflect on the transformative impact he has had on Zaneen. We’re grateful for his guidance and dedication, as well as the inspiration he provides to each and every member of our organization.



Congratulations, Robert, on this well-deserved recognition from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario!



Join us in celebrating this incredible moment by sharing your experiences and well wishes in the comments below. 


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