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Minimal Track, Playful Minimalism

Learn more about the Minimal Track System by Prolicht

Minimal Track by Prolicht is a track lighting system that combines pure minimalism with the latest technology. Flexible and almost invisible with its various corner connectors and curve elements, Minimal Track is truly a playful system that allows for creative design. 



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The slim design creates a trimless visual effect.

The ultra-compact design makes the sophisticated technology almost invisible, leaving only elegant lines that integrate perfectly into interior design.

Flexibility enhanced to the max.

Minimal Track offers a wide variety of inserts and components. Thanks to the new system of very simple connecting accessories, the Minimal Track can now be equipped with a list of hi-tech inserts such as Snooker, Imagine, Magiq and Hangover, allowing you to individualize your space with the perfect lighting atmosphere. Minimal Track can now also be equipped with our new inserts Magiq Micro and Micro Line to provide even further possibilities to enrich your design concept. 

Easy installation.

The surface-mounted system is particularly easy to install on any wall or ceiling, while its ultra-slim design gives it the appearance of an embedded system. 

The system makes it easy to realize creative living dreams.

Minimal Track is available in 29 standard color options to complement any interior scheme perfectly. The options for this series are virtually endless! The Minimal Track collection is further enriched by the round and square Disq fittings which allow for a unique design touch. In addition to the 29 standard color options, Disq can also be specified from a selection of sophisticated metal finishes for further customization. 

Prolicht produces a totally individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to meet your wishes and demands

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