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Design Meets Sustainability

Ole! Lighting, Spain

Based in Valencia, Spain, Ole! Lighting is a brand of decorative and technical lighting design. Its focus on combining sustainability and modernism with high-quality materials is what makes Ole! Lighting one of Zaneen’s most sustainably innovative partners.

Under the slogan “Oceans Without Plastic”, Ole! Lighting has committed to making important and positive changes. Over the past several years, all of the cord collections have been produced from polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, collected from the sea and the environment. The intention is to help reduce the amount of material pollution, reusing plastic waste by incorporating it into the product materials. In doing so, we estimate the removal of 4 tons of plastic from the environment every year!


Keep reading to learn more about some of these sustainable lighting solutions.

Banyo is a family of pendant, portable and surface lamps with hand-made braided cord shade for lighting effects. It creates charming lighting effects through its cord lampshade around a metal frame. 

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Bouquet is a set of ceiling suspension lights inspired by a bouquet of flowers. The set of hand-made braided cord lampshades can be combined in variety of colors to personalize the interior solution. It is available in two diameters and an array of color finishes to choose from. 

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Mariola features a visible metal structure, with a delicate weave pattern made with the cord material. With its cylindrical shape, Mariola brings a soft and comfortable design to a space. 

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Poma demonstrates a unique design based on a braided cord metallic structure, particularly woven with a new zigzag style. Poma is offered in suspension, surface and portable applications. With fifteen different color options, this luminaire adds an element of charm into any space. 

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Thank you for reading about some of our Ole! Lighting products. Click here to see the entire Ole! Lighting collection.  


If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article and the sustainability aspect of these products, we would love to hear from you!

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