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RGBW Technology

The benefits of RGBW technology in lighting

An increasingly popular LED technology is RGBW due to its vibrancy and colorful output. It’s an ideal solution for a variety of applications looking to increase design opportunities while maintaining optimal light quality.



Keep reading to learn more about RGBW technology, how it works and what the benefits are.

What Is RGBW?

The traditional LED light is a monochromatic color, which started as white and over time additional monochromatic colors were created like red, green, blue and amber for decorative purposes. Eventually, RGB technology was introduced which uses Red, Green and Blue LED chips (3 in 1 LED chips) to create an array of color options by combining the three colors. 

Since then, RGBW has been developed which is an advanced version of RGB by adding a fourth LED chip of White (4 in 1 LED chips). As the name would suggest, by using the combined four LED color chips you can create even more color and shade options.

What Is The Difference Between RGB and RGBW?

In standard RGB lighting, a white light is produced by mixing Red, Green and Blue at its highest intensity and unfortunately the color filters diminish some of the light. By adding the dedicated White LED chip in RGBW, it produces a superior quality of white as the White LED is not filtered. 

Other differences between RGB and RGBW are that RGBW provides a significantly higher color rendering index (CRI) values, allowing colored surfaces to be lighted more naturally and consistently over time. RGBW can provide up to 90-95 CRI, whereas RGB only provides up to 75-85. 

The traditional RGB can only be used for decorative illumination, whereas RGBW can be used for both decorative and functional lighting due to the ability to produce a pure white light.

How Does RGBW Work? 

By mixing the Red, Green, Blue and White color chips together in different proportions, RGBW technology is able to create a full-spectrum of color options. You can alter the output of each LED chip, which will adjust the color achieved. The combination of RGBW colors follows the theory of additive color mixing, whereby practically all colors can be produced by a combination of these basic colors. ‘

Additionally, RGBW technology can be controlled by 0-10V, Digital Multiplex (DMX) controls, DALI and it is now available with Bluetooth to save energy without sacrificing the lighting effect.

What Are The Benefits of RGBW?

There are many benefits to using RGBW lighting technology, which include: 

1. The ability to create virtually any color imaginable and the ability to dim the lights without changing the color, creating a full spectrum of light. 

2. It is a great option for those looking to add color into their space in a relatively inexpensive way. 

3. There is a higher light efficiency due to the better light transmittance, which also translates to lower energy cost. 

5. RGBW technology allows for less energy consumption as the RGBW light can produce the same brightness as RGB but with less LED quantity requirements. 

6. RGBW lights can be pre-programmed to change colors, allowing for easier use and functionality.

Where Should You Use RGBW?

Anywhere that colorful lighting is required or wanted! 

RGBW technology can be used in a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. The technology is often used as decoration for building exteriors, illuminating signage, displays and many other creative applications – the options are endless! 

The White lighting available with RGBW can also be used as a functional lighting option in a variety of application settings. 

What Zaneen Products Have RGBW?

There are plenty of Zaneen luminaires that include RGBW technology, including: 35 LinearCaliberMiniSunTetraVario and many more.


It’s important to note that our entire Architectural range from Prolicht can be offered with RGBW technology upon request. 


If you’d like to know about a specific product, please reach out to zteam@zaneen.com and we’d be happy to help.

RGBW LED technology is an energy-efficient, attractive and modern solution to the needs of both indoor and outdoor applications and the scope of their use continues to expand. RGBW lights is like having a full rainbow at your fingertips presenting an array of new functional and design opportunities.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article we would love to hear from you!

Our direct contact is zteam@zaneen.com.



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