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Cost-Effective Downlights

Prolicht, Austria

A technical overview of Prolicht‘s cost-effective downlights: Invader Compact versus Invader Standard, and Oiko ProKeep reading to learn more about these innovative products, technical overviews and unique selling features.

We’ve put together helpful documents to compare the product models so that you are finding the perfect solution for your project!

Invader Compact – This cost-effective downlight is a minimal size with a high output. It has a lower fixture depth (height) while still maintaining high lumens for optimal effect, making it ideal for installations with limited space looking for an effective solution. Invader Compact Adjustable articulates below the ceiling plane, allowing for no gaps between the fixture and the housing.  

Learn more about Invader Compact and compare models on MySphere.

Invader Standard – An extensive family range with more options in sizes, light manipulation and installation types, this cost-effective downlight has it all. The Invader Standard family includes Wallwasher, IP65 and Regressed LED. It has a quick removal and installation methods, and offers an unmatched visual comfort with the special lens available upon request. The Invader trimless offers a seamless integration with the drywall, creating the most concealed design.

Learn more about Invader Standard and compare models on MySphere.

Oiko Pro – This cost-effective downlight has perfect light emission and the purest beam angles. It features a double-function wallwash reflector that is capable of illuminating vertical surfaces and serving as a downlight at the same time. With patented BARTENBACH reflectors, it enables the game of light, creating sharp light for dramatic scenes in comparison to the Centriq. The track version of the Oiko Pro can be integrated into all applications (trimless, recessed, surface or suspension) – our most popular choice being the Hypro

Learn more about Oiko Pro and compare models on MySphere.

Prolicht produces endless possibilities to make a difference.

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