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Part 3, Lighting examples in the Long Term Care sector

Academic and Healthcare institutions uphold similar qualifications in architectural design and function. These facilities have to maintain a certain energy and mood to ensure individuals are performing at their best. Lighting solutions play a critical role in creating a space’s function and atmosphere; from lighting design- color finishes configurations, to light performance- color temperatures and beam angles. 

Doubling as a residence and medical facility, lighting solutions in LONG TERM CARE residences must obtain performance qualifications, while offering decorative elements. The lighting solutions have to be carefully thought of, ensuring they meet all technical and functional requirements and still providing a positive emotional element.

Bring comfort into a space with a stylish and flexible wall light.

Haul is an adjustable wall light with an on-off switch, perfect for a bedside light. The series comes in 3 sizes, delivered lumens at up to 665 lumens, and flexibility of 300° rotation and 90° tilt. The simplicity and harmony of this surface and track light lies in the purity of an extruded steel cylinder with a shining focused light, ideal for a variety of applications in a long term care facility. 

Get inspired by Haul 

Quality and functional lighting is critical in a shared space that is both healthcare and residential.

Kronn is a large series that is ADA compliant, it includes various lamp heads options, applications and sizes. Available in three mounting types – suspension, surface and track – you can combine all types for a cohesive design in a space. The surface model is offered in double and triple tubular heads with added adjustability for spaces that require that. 

Get inspired by Kronn

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