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Nodo System

A new lighting solution

Zaneen is expanding their product offering to include a comprehensive lighting solution that is new to North America. Nodo, an innovative track facilitates the movement of socket boxes, lighting fixtures and accessories without tools. Zaneen’s outstanding partner behind the Nodo system is Letroh.

Firstly, for the Smart-ON feature: found in the linear and angular joints, and power supplies enable a quick connection for all components. Secondly, all parts that compose the system: Nodo Box sockets, and the various lighting sources are grounded and thus are directly connected to the earth line. This function allows for harmless mobility and limited power outages. Nodo is accompanied by accessories to enable simple living: shelf, hook and even a paper towel roll for kitchen applications.

To ensure North American approval, Zaneen worked closely with ETL to establish a new and fully encompassing approval standard, applicable to the Nodo System. The entire system is ETL approved for the USA and Canada. As a Zaneen brand guarantee, any product offering on their website is approved for the North American market.

Together, Letroh and Zaneen will inspire the North American market to reconsider electrical functionality and flexibility. The hassle free Nodo system should be considered for hospitality, commercial work spaces, store design and residential spaces.

The architectural design of the system ensures safe and simple use for two parts.

Nodo system profile
Nodo as architectural lighting solution offer many possible layouts

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