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Illuminating Walls With Creativity

Using both basic panels and light panels, Lum makes it possible to create different design configurations according to the aesthetical and illuminating need of each space. Owing to its use of unique materials and easy-to-install systems, Lum by Quasar is a one-of-a-kind fixture. It’s like an art piece for your wall, or a premium wallpaper with integrated lights! Keep reading to learn more about this mesmerizing fixture.

Here are some interesting facts about Lum

1. The panels are made of antimicrobial copper (EPA registered), which fights against the growth of bacteria, killing 99.9% of bacteria within two hours of exposure. Therefore, Lum offers a sanitized wall that is free of virus, fungus and bacteria. This helps create hygienic and unique spaces for projects in healthcare, food, education, leisure, pharmaceutical and many other sectors.


2. Lum uses electrolytic copper sheets, therefore saving energy in their production. It’s also interesting to note that copper is 100% recyclable! 


3. The Lum system provides simple installation with its metal strips and customizable magnetic design. 


4. The Lum panels are interchangeable and can be configured into multiple designs using panels with or without light, allowing for endless design possibilities! This system is perfect for big spaces where you can create large vertical or horizontal beautiful configurations of wall art. 

Lum is available in 2 color finish options: Copper and Copper Oxidated (green) as seen below. These complimentary color ways allow for creative customization and design configurations.

Lum provides endless creativity for illumination.

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