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Part 2, Lighting examples in a Treatment/Learning Room Environment

Academic and Healthcare institutions uphold similar qualifications in architectural design and function. These facilities have to maintain a certain energy and mood to ensure individuals are performing at their best. Lighting solutions play a critical role in creating a space’s function and atmosphere; from lighting design- color finishes configurations, to light performance.

Lighting performance and product function generate a successful TREATMENT / LEARNING ROOM environment; whereas design defines the mood of these sensitive areas. A careful combination of the two are needed to ensure that the performance of these patient-doctor and student-teacher settings can be met.

Light positioning and flexibility elevate design and benefits a space’s functionality.

Sign Diva is a subseries to the large family of Sign, a classic architectural disk design in trimless, recessed, surface and suspension applications, with extensive features, options and finishes. The wide range of sizes and variants in the Sign family prove their strengths in large-scale projects.

Obtain consistency and consider one product collection in various applications, configurations and diffuser options.

Sign Diva is available with four different diffuser options – Opal, Micro Prism, Sparkling and Vintage Industrial – all with a unique effect and benefit. There is also the option to add a Korona shine color ring for a playful feature, available in six different color options. 

Get inspired by Sign Diva 

Introduce color and shapes in a vulnerable space to define character, energy and mood. 

Glorious is the family name for three geometric shape profile: Glorious (circular), Victory (triangular) and Quantum (square). Each shape is offered in recessed, surface, and  suspension applications. 

The sculptural and geometric ceiling lights look like colorful, oversized icons- brilliant, digital, three-dimension symbols. The profiles are adapted from the Super-G family, with the same width and light distribution. 

 A single product family can extend from room to room, creating design harmony and lighting quality consistency. 

Combine various colors, shapes and application types within a single space. For more information on the four subseries, visit GloriousVictoryQuantum and Glorious Slim.

Get inspired by Glorious 

Extending similar materials and colors into lighting fixtures creates a balanced and calming space.

Woodlin is a series made of linear profiles handmade of wood in variety of finishes; ash, oak, walnut, black stained, and white stained. The use of quality material defines a fluid design, and allows one to keep focus on the task at hand, and limit distraction. 

Get inspired by Woodlin

From function, form and placement, select lighting and electrical products that will benefit the space.  

The flexibility of the Nodo system translates into economic advantages due to the limitation of masonry work and the reduction of design limits, perfect for health institutes such as gyms. 

Adjust technology to suit the ever changing requirements of a space, freeing your lighting design from electrical constraints. 

Nodo system is equipped with tracks lights, electrical receptacles, USB connections, and non-electrified accessories, which can be all repositioned wherever and whenever you want.   

Get inspired by Nodo 

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