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Current Design Trends

Part two of a three-part series for design inspiration

Refresh your space with some of the top design trends, and the luminaires to suit them! From the use of minimalist palettes to highlighting natural materials, keep reading to discover the next round of top style trends. 


VINTAGE design style highlights elegant and flowing lines, decadent colors and soft fabrics. Romantic and chic pieces add an ambience to your space that reflects a spirit of decades past. 


by Fambuena

A wall sconce offering warm ambient lighting accentuates the beauty of the past with its present design. This LED wall light offers layered openings, which allow for beautiful light distribution through an interior space.

Get inspired by Wings


by Panzeri

The artisanal glass design and craftmanship of the classic globe shape pairs perfectly with vintage decor. Smoke is an exquisite blown glass globe that can be specified in 14″ or 20″, white or smoked. 

Get inspired by Smoke


by Quasar

A ceiling light that resembles the night sky brings lightness and movement to a space. Curled is part of the starlight design collection, which runs the electric current throughout the fixtures’ wired design.

Get inspired by Curled


by Icone

Opt for direct or indirect lighting with this fixture that offers maximum design for minimum real-estate. Yippie is a sleek Y-shaped surface lamp that is available in four rod lengths, three color finishes and an adjustable lamp head – making it customizable and unique to your space.


The EARTHY design style takes us back to the basics. A natural color palette, organic materials and minimalist pieces create a grounded atmosphere that can enhance your calm and serene space. 


by Panzeri

Blend the beauty of hand-woven synthetic rattan and the outdoors, hanging from a tree as an extended lit branch. Ralph is a delightful solution for relaxing exterior spaces, and it is practical with the ability to be washed with a power-washer. 

Get inspired by Ralph


by Ole! Lighting

A cluster of lamp-heads wrapped in handmade braided cord creates a perfect addition of color and texture to a space. The set of cord lampshades, in a similar effect as a bouquet of flowers, can be combined in a variety of colors to personalize your interior space.


by Milan

Inspired by volcanos, the simple omnidirectional light includes an opal satin glass to exude warmth in a space. The three light intensities of Geyser are regulated using a touch system that is integrated in the lacquered steel base, bringing high functionality and warmth into a space. 

Get inspired by Geyser

Taking cues from old factories, the INDUSTRIAL LOFT style conveys a chicly unfinished aesthetic by means of raw materials and practical pieces. Unique textures like metal and brick create a natural edginess that in turn creates a bold statement. 


by Studio Zaneen

A simple cylinder tube configuration ideal for high ceilings; develop a unique design specific to your space with this fixture. Metropolis can be a stand alone pendant with a canopy, or it can be configured as a modular system for a dynamic and breathtaking statement. For both function and design, the configurations have two connector options: Y-shaped or C-shaped.

Get inspired by Metropolis


by Quasar

Aircraft cable twisted and turned to create a statement piece. A tribute to the French haute couture of the early twentieth century, the Cloche is a large family of surface, suspension and portable fixtures. 


by Prolicht

Trace the layout of your space with a linear profile above, creating geometric lines with low-glare lighting. Hypro creates unique new levels of lighting structure, and can be specified in a variety of color finishes including metallic options. 

Get inspired by Hypro

These products can be used for both residential and commercial projects, in a mix of designs style. We hope these products and our design trend pairings inspired you!  

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