Project Profile: Naples Residence - Zaneen

Project Profile: Naples Residence

An interview

An interview with Mary Jean Keany, principal of Anamika Design, and Sarah Gardiner from Zaneen.

 The Naples Residence project is a perfect example of how establishing the right lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme. Represented by Boston Light Source, Zaneen was specified by Mary Jean Keany from Anamika Design to provide an LED chandelier that was both visually impactful and that aligned with the dimensions of the large living space in this Naples, Florida home. Our team produced a custom 5-sphere fixture with adjustable features to serve as a bright centerpiece for the room. A special focus on technical detailing ensured that the fixture would work in unison with the surrounding furnishings and architecture. The curvaceous luminaire showcases a soft profile with a playful edge, creating a very personalized lighting solution for the client to enjoy.

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Sarah Gardiner: What was the project timeline and is there an important/unique significance to the space?

Mary Jean Keany: This project’s timeline was interrupted due to the hurricane of 2022. The project was over a year long process due to all the Covid supply chain issues in 2021. 

There were three main factors in choosing a chandelier. The room’s structure, the great room’s massive size and ceiling height, the existing electrical feed and ceiling soffit design. 

The existing ceiling design was completely soffited and electrical was on one of the ceiling beams. The client did not want to disrupt the existing ceiling design nor change where the electrical feed was located. The main factors in selecting a chandelier was having the fixture attached to the ceiling by one electrical feed instead of using multiple, the chandelier had to be large enough to be visually impactful, classically modern and be able to customize the sphere dimensions.  

SG: What was the project vision?

MJK: The client and my vision was to design a modern chandelier that was LED, visually impactful, the design being not too heavy or overly imposing to the space and had a playful modern design. All the preliminary chandelier designs I showed my client zeroed in on a fixture having multiple spheres.

SG: How did the project develop in terms of design from the initial concept?

MJK: I presented several design options to the client from various vendors. He seemed to really like the light fixtures with spheres. I was directed by my Boston Light Source representative to look at Zaneen’s custom options for multiple reasons: Zaneen’s quality (each fixture is made with great precision), the ability to design this fixture with 5 spheres in multiple sizes, stacked and the ability to customize the angle and direction of the spheres. Probably equally important was to have a (custom) small mounting plate that was not much larger than the width of the beam, which was achieved.

SG: Why did you specify Zaneen?

MJK: I specified Zaneen for a few reasons: 

-Quality of the products

-Great service, my Business Development Manager Mo Kamal was awesome! 

-My Boston Light Source representative’s recommendation -Liz McDonough

-Customization and design 

-Metal finishes available

SG: What was your favorite part about this project?

MJK: I loved the whole design process with my clients and of course having a happy client.


Zero Shapes is a family of light profiles composed of the Zero Ellipse, Zero Round, and Zero Square. The body is made of an extruded curved aluminum material with an opal polycarbonate screen covering an LED strip that runs the internal side of the profile. The minimalism of the structure combined with the emission of internal light gives the luminaire an incredible lightness. Designed for clustering and cascading, the Zero Shapes family is flexible in size, configuration and design.

Get inspired by Zero Shapes.

Location: Naples, Florida

Project completed: February, 2023

Products included: Custom Zero Round Suspension

Specifier: Mary Jean Keany, Anamika Design

Represented by: Boston Light Source

Photographer: Mary Jean Keany

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