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The Starlight Collection, Quasar

Starlight by Quasar is a collection of luminaires that all feature mesmerizing details and reflecting layers. Their structured yet harmonious designs mix classic finishes with modern ambience, making them a standout star in any room!

Keep reading to learn more about this star studded collection. 

Universe is the original product of the starlight design; now offered in many sizes shapes and finishes, all of which are scalable to custom designs. The Universe family has a wide range of conducive designs, incorporating glass crystals or multiple shapes, like rigid grid squares to abstract formations. It is best known for its custom flexibility, along with its light and warm design that twinkles in any setting.

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Tess is part of the starlight collection, in which electric currents run through the fixtures wired design and through the lamps. The floating curved satellite-inspired design of Tess is elegant, organized and unique. 1/3 of the lights are directed down, whereas 2/3 are indirect for a cohesive effect. 

Cosmos is a suspended fixture configured with linear rigid wires and lamps throughout. The entire fixture is available in either a rectangular shape or the harmonious crossing wires, with custom sizes and shapes available upon request. Select from the metallic color finishes available to create the ideal fixture for your space.

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Sirio resembles a moving wave in the sky. The modular-placed LED circuit boards (creating both direct and indirect light) and tiny metal rods are the only two basic elements of this light fixture. The LEDs are designed to have 2/3 of the light to go down and 1/3 light to go up, giving the luminaire its structure and shape.

Orion is a geometric cubic sculpture in the starlight family. Named after one of the most notorious constellations, Orion dazzles with its structure and mesmerizing appearance. The family extends outside the suspension application and offers a floor table lamp. 

Get inspired by Orion

Pollux looks structured but is still fluid and harmonious with its uniquely cascading shape. The grand feature and special finishes elevate this fixture, creating a piece of art that takes centre stage in any space. 

You can browse all of the Quasar products on our website to find the perfect luminaire unique to your space. 


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