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New wireless technology available with Zaneen products

Casambi and Matter technology represent innovative advancements in the realm of smart lighting solutions. These systems are empowering users of smart devices like Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc. to interact effortlessly with the lighting around them. Their portable and easy-to-use interfaces are not only enhancing lighting performance and control, they are also illuminating the expectations and demands of the modern world, one light at a time.


Keep reading to learn more about smart lighting technology. 

What Is Casambi Technology?

Built in 2014, Casambi is the first Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Network with over 4 million nodes installed worldwide. The smart lighting system and app, offers an easy-to-use method to control LED lights with your smartphone or tablet. Casambi makes it possible to dim LEDs, change their color, and create customized lighting scenes without ever having to touch a physical light switch. 

How Does Casambi Technology Work? 

Similar to all other wireless systems, Casambi is made up of physical devices and a communications network that securely collects data and controls the system. The fixtures are still hard-wired for power, but all communication and data to the in-room devices is done wirelessly. However, unlike wi-fi based lighting control systems, Casambi does not rely on a router or gateway to communicate with its lights. Its mesh network, where all of the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node, creates a system with no single points of failure.

What Are The Benefits of Casambi Technology?

Easy to use: the Casambi app is very user-friendly and provides the ability to configure and control lighting yourself, without external assistance.

Fully scalable: Casambi is just as well suited to control sophisticated lighting within a single room to large industrial complexes. Using the Site Function, an unlimited number of Casambi networks can be combined. 

Energy savings: Casambi lights can be dimmed to very low levels, which use less energy and extends the life of the LED bulbs.

Futureproof: It’s easy to add and remove products in the future, future proofing your projects.

Highly compatible: Casambi technology can be integrated into fixtures, LED-drivers, LED-modules, switches, sensors and different kinds of control modules. 

Where Should You Use Casambi Technology?

Work environments: Casambi is perfect for offices, thanks to the possibility to set the ideal intensity for workstations and common areas. 

The retail sector: Pre-set scenes can make products look their best, providing retailers with the flexibility to manage their lighting based on the changing product collection or season.

Retrofit projects: Casambi requires no new wiring, therefore it is a particularly fit choice for retrofit projects, historic buildings and temporary exhibits. 

Industrial applications: Casambi lighting control allows select fixtures to be adjusted, turned off and on at certain time periods to save money and energy. This makes it a great solution for industrial-scale applications such as warehouses that consume a large amount of energy for lighting.

Home living spaces: Casambi is also well-suited for one room solutions, it can make it easy to enhance levels of comfort at any time of the day. 

What Is Matter Technology?

As an open and interoperable standard, Matter technology eliminates the barriers of compatibility and fragmentation, allowing for a unified and simplified smart home experience. With Matter-enabled lighting users can effortlessly control their lights through voice commands, mobile apps, or centralized smart home hubs. 

How does Matter Technology work?

With Matter, devices from different manufacturers can seamlessly connect and communicate with each other, regardless of the specific brand or platform. This is made possible through a common language that enables efficient and secure data exchange, Matter uses IP-based networking, which allows devices to connect to the internet and each other through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 

What are the benefits of Matter technology? 

Infinite range of smart products: Light, but also all other smart home devices can be easily controlled via iPhone, an Android device or an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home and SmartThings without having to install additional apps.  

Promotes interoperability: Matter technology allows different brands and devices to seamlessly communicate and work together.

Open ecosystem: Seamless integration in modern-smart home systems. Additionally, changing the control system is independent from the hardware.

Simplifies the setup and configuration process: This technology eliminates the complexities of compatibility issues, reducing frustration and saving time.

Prioritizes privacy and security: Matter ensures that personal data and information remain protected, adhering to robust security standards.  

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