IO - Suspension



Series: IO

Brand: Quasar
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Division: Design
Design products

Mounting Type: Suspension
Suspension products

Mounting Location: Ceiling
Ceiling products

Subcategory: Pendant
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Shape: Cylinder

Diameter (mm): 53

Diameter (in): 2 116

Length (mm): 1400

Length (in): 55 18

Width (mm): 27

Width (in): 1 116

Height (mm): 150, 300

Height (in): 5 78, 11 1316

Max. Overall Height (mm): 2150, 2300

Max. Overall Height (in): 84 58, 90 916

Light Distribution: Downlight

Weight (kg): 1.5, 7.3

Weight (lbs): 3.31, 16.09

Fixture Finish: BPA
see color chart below

Fixture Material: Metal

Cable Details: 2000mm Cable



Lamp Type: LED

Input Wattage (W): 11.6, 21.7

Total Output Wattage (W): 8, 18.9

Dimming: Tri-Mode (Non-Dimming and Phase Dimming (120Vac only) and 0-10V Dimming)

Driver Included: Yes

Driver Location: Integrated

Driver Class: Class 2

Input Voltage (V): 120 - 277

Constant Current (MA): 350



Number of LEDs: 1, 7

Color Temperature (°K): 2700

Max. Delivered Lumen (lm): 125, 1946

CRI: >90 CRI

Lamp Life (hrs): 50000




Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



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Series Description

IO gives weight and presence to a cylinder pendant. It is offered in a two-tone finish: anodized black and polished aluminum, which the order can be arranged the order of the two finishes during installation. Select between three variations: two sizes as single pendants or a linear arrangement of seven pendants. IO is the expression of duality. The name refers to a "bit", the basic unit of the binary numeral system used in computing and digital communications. A bit can have only one of two values, most commonly represented by an "I" and an "O". 

Manufactured in Netherlands, by Quasar.


Fixture Finishes

BPA - Black/Polished Aluminum
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