Slider - Surface

Slider - Suspension



Series: Slider

Brand: Prolicht
Prolicht products

Division: Architectural
Architectural products

Mounting Type: Surface, Suspension

Mounting Location: Ceiling, Wall / Ceiling

Subcategory: Profile
Profile products










Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



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Slider by Prolicht –  Surface, Profile offers LED lighting solutions | Zaneen Architectural A3SLI-SUR-SYS Slider Surface Profile System
Slider by Prolicht –  Suspension, Profile offers LED lighting solutions | Zaneen Architectural A3SLI-SUS-SYS Slider Suspension Profile System

Series Description

Slider is  a groundbreaking innovation that redefines ease and efficiency in lighting installation. The era of bulky installations is over; this new fixture promises a harmonious fit with its revolutionary design. From offices to commercial establishments and hospitality venues, Slider's minimalist aesthetics bring an air of elegance to every space it illuminates. Its sleek design, high lumen output, and customizable lens options empower you to craft the desired lighting mood. This lighting system achieves exceptional efficiency with excellent glare control, catering to all lux value requirements for workplace lighting. Shape the atmosphere with warm or cool tones, accentuating contrasts and creating a harmonious ambiance. With diverse L, T, and X modules, Slider adapts to your spatial needs, delivering an exceptional lighting experience that's uniquely yours. 

Manufactured in Austria by Prolicht.