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Oiko Pro

Focus your attention on this compact downlight

The spotlight is on Oiko Pro by Prolicht lately, as this innovative fixture performs both as a compact downlight and wallwash with its advanced Bartenbach reflectors. It provides visual uniformity as the wallwash remains completely flush to the ceiling and maintains the same visual cue as the standard downlight. 


"Oiko Pro's appearance is minimalistic, consistent among all the available shapes and thus disappearing in the architecture: the only thing you will notice is the perfect light emission.”

Oiko Pro offers versatility through simplicity with its compact design and minimal height requirement. The housing of Oiko Pro has been specially designed to make tight installations easy, while the standardized dimension provides a uniform appearance throughout a space. With this fixture, we find that one size can suit infinite applications. 

Oiko by Prolicht - Architectural trimless ceiling lights

Whether trimless, completely flush to the ceiling, or recessed, installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling – Oiko Pro offers a compact design and smooth integration into the ceiling for a seamless appearance. This powerhouse downlight offers more than 1000 lumens delivered with the best quality of light. 

The most advanced Bartenbach reflectors are used in the Oiko Pro to offer the purest beam angles. The result is complete light control without any secondary light beams for perfect light distribution. The Oiko Pro also features a unique double-function wallwash reflector, capable of perfectly illuminating vertical surfaces while serving as a downlight at the same time. This versatility makes Oiko Pro an incredible option for a variety of applications and settings. Learn more about the groundbreaking Bartenbach technology in our article “State-of-the-art Reflector Technology”.

Simplicity is the secret of Oiko Pro, with a clever design that makes it easy to use in all conditions.

Oiko Pro is available in 29 standard powder coat finishes with other finishes available upon request. Check out the entire Oiko collection – Oiko Comfort, Oiko Pro, Oiko Pro Wallwash, Oiko Standard and Oiko Wide – by visiting our website

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