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Prolicht's partner Bartenbach stands out

Austrian-based company Bartenbach has pioneered highly efficient inventions since the 1970’s like glare-free systems technologies, daylight redirection systems and more. Just down the street from one another, Bartenbach’s special relationship with Prolicht has them designing reflectors only suitable for Prolicht fixtures. The Bartenbach Reflectors used in our Prolicht fixtures are not only professional optics; they dramatize an environment, establish uniformity, and ensure perfect mixing of light colors all while minimizing glare.  That makes an incredible difference!


"Light is the medium of seeing and the soul. It affects our rhythm of life, our mood and our ability to perform."

Bartenbach Reflectors are available with a variety of Prolicht products, like the entire Magiq series, InvaderSnookerDelight Gooo!Centriq Wallwsher, and Oiko Pro. In this article we’re going to focus on Magiq Pro and Oiko Pro. 


The Magiq Pro features a unique double-function wallwash reflector capable of perfectly illuminating a vertical surface, while serving as a downlight at the same time. 

“Highly efficient, exact lighting control without any glare is our credo when developing optical systems. At the same time, we attach great importance to compact design."

Each Oiko Pro module can be individually equipped with a Bartenbach RMJ reflector. You can choose from 30°, 50° and 70° beam angles, as well as an asymmetric wallwash reflector. Oiko Pro impresses all and can suit most spaces with its superior optics and integrated RMJ reflector technology. 

Bartenbach reflectors are designed with a higher positioned LED to have the lowest glare possible. Better yet, they have the LFO lens to offer a glare-free downlight – taking professional optics to a whole new level. 

The Bartenbach LFO lenses provide 21° or 38° beam angles and provide a glare-free downlight without illuminating the luminaire’s housing. This option comes in the standard Magiq cell downlights or the Invader Pendants. 

The integrated LFO lens enables the lowest UGR ratings to be achieved, while ensuring a soft fade out of the light cone compared to a reflector. This is a perfect feature for residential or hospitality applications!

The glare-free wallwasher with 5 multi-faceted Bartenbach reflectors is a perfect solution for offices with a lot of windows and screens, as there is no annoying duplication of the light fitting due to reflections from the glass. It also ensures a perfect mix of the Tunable White LED modules – providing the ideal light temperature for any time of day or night!

The integrated technology from Bartenbach also enables a perfect ceiling wash in areas where ceiling light installations are not possible, like curved ceilings. 

“The phenomenon of light is multi-faceted, which is why we work in an interdisciplinary environment. Architects, physicists, psychologists and designers all create individual lighting solutions. ... Bartenbach is always at the cutting edge of research."

Prolicht produces a totally individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to meet your wishes and demands.

Let us know if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article about the Bartenbach Reflectors with Prolicht products, we would love to hear from you!

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