Project Profile: Capital One - Zaneen

Project Profile: Capital One

Illuminating success with bold, bright lighting

An interview with Alula Lighting and Zaneen.

Nestled in the heart Toronto’s financial district, the 100,000 sq ft Capital One head office spans 5 floors, accommodating approximately 700 associates. The dynamic workspace deviates from the conventional office design, drawing inspiration from innovative hospitality ventures. Specified by Alula Lighting, our Magiq fixture was chosen as the best product to complement the office aesthetic. Zaneen installed Magiq with a 40˚ beam angle to ensure a comfortable and homogenous illumination throughout. We also supplied korona kones in bright pink finish as a way to extend the corporate colors to the fixtures. The result is a lighting solution that flows naturally and that highlights innovation and humanity for which the company stands.

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Zaneen: What was the project vision?

Alula Lighting: The dynamic workspace breaks away from the mold of traditional office design, and takes its lead from bold hospitality projects. Black and vibrant color finishes are used liberally in various share spaces such as reception, collaborative hubs, meeting rooms, and conference rooms to evoke the innovation and humanity for which the company stands.

Z: How did the project develop in terms of design from the initial concept?

AL: The interior design played with five unique workspace concepts spread out over the five floor to represent the diverse strategy and knowledge of the company. These concepts are designed to showcase the firm’s collaborative culture. The lighting naturally follows this logic, where the lighting design, fixture selection, and finishes and details are differentiated between floors to be unique in their own right, yet feature continuous elements that resonate from floor to floor. 


The Magiq series is a family of compact down-lights developed for flexible yet precise illumination while eliminating glare. This makes Magiq a great luminaire for creating comfortable environments such as corporate office spaces, hospitality, and medical spaces. The product family has a wide range of formations, 2 cell, 4 cell , 8 cell, wall wash and is integrated in many of our modular systems, as well as various features, such as korona cones. The korona cones, available in 29 colors, accentuates the Magiq to create themes or branding as an integral part of a design concept.

Get inspired by Magiq 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Project year: 2018

Products included: Magiq

Specifier: Alula Lighting

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The Capitol One Headquarters project received an award of Merit for the IES Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design in 2019.

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