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Custom Division

Part 2 of 3

Discover the limitless possibilities of light and explore the transformative impact it can have on your space. At Studio Zaneen, we work with our clients to create an ambience that captivates, inspires and leaves a lasting impression.

Creative Solutions

Let your creativity shine as we bring your vision to life, delivering captivating solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Think outside the box

Inspired by a desire for hanging droplets of light, a visionary designer dared to reimagine possibilities. Through the ingenious modification of our portable Raven fixture, Studio Zaneen brought this extraordinary vision to life. 

By skillfully removing the arch bases and introducing lightweight hanging wire pendants, the luminaire was meticulously redesigned, transcending the ordinary.   

Sometimes, the most remarkable transformations emerge from subtle shifts. In this case, a seemingly simple horizontal to vertical change revolutionized the entire design landscape.  

Get inspired by Sparks

The Sparks suspension light was deftly rotated 90° to hang vertically in the space. This small yet significant adjustment breathed new life into the environment, forging an exquisite visual impact that defies expectations. 

Go big and bold

With the art of customization, you can take your lighting to new heights by envisioning and creating a grand and impactful centerpiece that commands attention in any space.

Get inspired by Banyo

Banyo showcases an artisanal handmade braided cord shade, which not only generates stunning lighting effects but also embodies sustainability through the utilization of recycled materials.

Natural wood 

Skillfully crafted new lights for this library reading room project placed a strong emphasis on the exquisite use of natural wood. The lighting fixtures were meticulously tailored to meet the library’s precise demands for both aesthetic appeal and uncompromising quality, with the outcome being nothing short of resounding success. With the careful integration of natural wood, the lighting solutions harmonize perfectly with the surroundings and create a warm and inviting effect.

Get inspired by Woodlin

The Woodlin series encompasses handcrafted linear profiles, crafted exclusively from wood, available in a diverse range of finishes including ash, oak, walnut, black stained, and white stained. This collection seamlessly blends functional lighting with the essence of organic materials. 

With this large-scale office building project, there was an unwavering emphasis on the use of natural wood materials. Driven by the building’s airy and curvaceous architecture, the goal was to infuse these captivating elements into the very essence of our lighting fixture’s design. 

The custom wood pendant lights stand as a testament to our commitment to customization. These lights were meticulously optimized for illuminating display terminals, offering dimmable functionality, adjustable color temperature, and a remarkable quality of light. 

Thank you for reading about our Custom Division, continue reading this article in Part 3.

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