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Current Design Trends

Part one of a three-part series for design inspiration

Get inspired to refresh yours or your client’s space with a collection of top design trends, and the luminaires to suit them! From the use of minimalist palettes to highlighting natural materials, keep reading to discover the first few style trends. 


MODERN interior design is centered around clean lines, a simple color palette, uncomplicated materials and furniture pieces. Symmetry and balance is a key element to this style, while still allowing for an open and comfortable space. 


by Cini & Nils

The unique shadow feature takes precedence in highlighting the curvature of the fixture design in an elegant manner. The invisible LED offers flexibility in installation heights, and is applicable for wall or ceiling installation as indirect light. 


by Prolicht

This series of linear compact down-lights were developed for flexible yet precise illumination while eliminating glare. Magiq is an excellent solution for spaces where focused light is required. The multi-faceted reflector ensures homogeneous light output and illuminates walls up to 14.5 feet in height and 6 feet in width. 

Get inspired by Magiq


by Letroh

A lifestyle track system that moves with you through personalized configurations and onsite insert adjustments. This innovative fixture adds flexibility, eliminates constraints, multiplies possibilities and cut costs. It’s a win-win solution. 


by Panzeri

This pentagonal shaped light highlights the beauty of sharp lines and rigid edges while offering both direct and indirect light. It is a thin sheet engraved using modern metal processing technologies that is then folded by hand.

Get inspired by Viisi

The NORDIC design trend features a modest black and white palette, while presenting a combination of minimalism, functionality and beauty. Emphasizing clean lines, this interior style promotes sleek and uncomplicated design for all pieces in a space.


by Ole! Lighting

Play with heights, shapes and sizes using this contemporary palm tree concept fixture. Dona elegantly suits a modern space with its five fixed arms with metallic screens, available in optional shapes and sizes. 

Get inspired by Dona


by Tunto

A truly unique pendant that can transform endlessly to various rooms, spaces and atmospheres. Ballon features an impactful and dynamic design with its use of disc panels and LED light sources at various angles. The organic structure is composed of multiple shapes and sizes to comply and suit various spaces. 


by Panzeri

This contemporary and timeless approach of a circular shape and gold painted interior brings relation to the sun. Ginevra is sure to stand out in any space, whether installed in surface or suspension applications. 

Get inspired by Ginevra


by Milan

Its Kalmar shade, aptly named after a Swedish city, encompasses the true essence of functional and minimalist design. The Lid collection is a family of pendant height-adjustable lights, that feature a reflecting golden lacquer steel interior with a glass shade diffuser at its center. 

Rustic Vogue_4-07

The RUSTIC VOGUE design trend is a beautiful blend of old and new. This style emphasizes character details with a dose of contemporary. It accentuates the original features in your home like reclaimed wood and fireplaces, and balances that with modern and functional pieces.


by Quasar

This customizable magnetic design system has two types of components: panels with no light and panels with LED light. The Lum panels are interchangeable and can be configured into multiple designs using 2 finishes of copper – pure copper and oxidized copper (giving it a green effect).

Get inspired by Lum


by Icone

A beautiful combination of a modern shape and rust finish give this adjustable disc an aesthetic advantage. The flexible disc permits onsite movement to match the requirements of your unique space. 

Get inspired by Vera


by Icone

This contemporary suspension light features a center piece that acts as a reflector for optimal light distribution. The fixture is enhanced by the movement of the center reflector on the cables, and can exhibit direct or indirect lighting.

Get inspired by Eclisse

Luz Oculta

by Fambuena

Add creative texture to a space with this round luminaire fixture, available in metal or wood.  The metal version includes a slight opening in the middle of the round lampshade for additional light and a beautiful effect. Whereas the wood version has small openings between each wood panel, creating a slight multi-directional light output and unique shadow design.

Get inspired by Luz Oculta

These products can be used for both residential and commercial projects, in a mix of designs style. We hope our products – design trend pairings inspire you!  

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