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Project Focus: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has been a national account since 2017. Alongside our partner Prolicht from Austria, we supply lighting solutions to Jaguar Land Rover dealerships all over North America.



Keep reading to learn more about our work with JLR.

Through our work with the team at Jaguar Land Rover, we are proud to say that we were appointed as a ‘Brand Guardian and Corporate Identity
Specialist’ in the year 2017.  This title translates to navigating the program requirements by providing complete lighting layouts, photometric reports, and quotations; all of such address local project requirements while complying with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) global standards specified by Head Office in Manchester, England.

Jaguar Land Rover’s core strategy is “Customer First” as it inspires everything they do. A premium customer relationship designed to foster a convenient and friendly way to buy and a brand experience a customer will love for life. 

Appreciation and expectations in lighting design is no different; lighting plays a critical role on conveying an inviting and engaging retail environment. Our high quality product offering and custom lighting solutions encompasses the JLR brand values, highlights their prestigious identity and promotes the premium nature of the Jaguar Land Rover Brands. 

Zaneen offers a wide range of products; for JLR we focused on four main series that offer a balance between consistency and flexibility for showroom individuality.

               Magiq                                     Super-G               
              Hypro                                       Bioniq               

Linear corners and curved fittings, from our Super-G, creates uniform ambient lighting while defining the perimeter. 

Get inspired by Super-G

The Hypro suspended with Magiq 8x inserts accentuate the vehicles details, without distracting the customer’s view. 

Get inspired by Hypro and Magiq 8X

The Magiq recessed is placed in various sections of the showroom to elevate the customer experience, from new vehicle delivery to the barista bar.

Get inspired by Magiq

The downlight family, Bioniq provides additional illumination for sales desks and work spaces. 

Get inspired by Bioniq

Thank you for reading about the Jaguar Land Rover project focus!

As an approved supplier and designated Brand Guardian and Corporate Identity Specialist of the Jaguar Land Rover projects, we are proud to contribute to the brands “Customer First” strategy through modern lighting design and premium quality.



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